5 Shoe Styles That Add a Few Extra Inches to Your Height

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It’s no secret that a little extra height can boost confidence and add a certain edge to your overall persona. Good news is, you don’t need a magic potion to grow taller. With the right choice of footwear, you can easily stand a bit taller. This article takes you through five shoe styles that, believe it or not, can add a few extra inches to your height.

1. Elevator Shoes

Elevator Shoes for men - look much taller this year | Lifestyle

First on the list are elevator shoes. This style has in-built lifts that can add anywhere between 1 to 3 inches to your height, without it being obvious. They come in a variety of designs including formal shoes, sneakers, and even boots. The secret to pulling off elevator shoes is to pair them with the right trousers. Pants with a slightly longer length can hide the elevated heel, making your added height look all-natural.

While we’re on the topic of adding height, I recently came across this fascinating guide on how to grow taller. Worth checking out if you’re looking to gain some extra inches, not just through your shoes, but in a more permanent way.

2. Platform Shoes

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These have been a go-to for many when looking for height-boosting footwear. Their thick soles can add up to several inches, making you appear taller. They’re a favorite among women but are available in men’s styles as well. To make your added height seem natural, choose platform shoes with a lesser difference between the front and back platform height.

3. High-Top Sneakers

15 Best High-Top Sneakers 2022: Saint Laurent, Anine Bing & More

High-top sneakers not only provide extra support to your ankles but can also make you appear taller. While the increase might not be drastic, every inch counts. The trick here is to pair them with slim-fit or skinny pants to elongate your silhouette.

4. Thick-Soled Sandals

Chunky Sandal Trend 2021 — Best Thick-Soled Sandals

Thick-soled sandals or ‘flatforms’ are a summer favorite that can add a couple of inches to your height. With the right pair, you can pull off a casual, beachy look while enjoying the added height.

5. Heeled Boots

ASOS DESIGN Revival round toe block heeled boots in black | ASOS

Last but not least, we have heeled boots. This style of footwear can add significant height due to their built-in heels and thick soles. They are perfect for both casual and formal attire. Pair them with fitting jeans or formal trousers to get that seamless, elongated look.

Incorporating these shoe styles into your wardrobe can help you gain that extra height you’ve been looking for. However, remember that comfort should be your priority. No amount of added height is worth straining your feet or compromising your walking style.

While we’re discussing the power of style and dressing, it’s worth mentioning that your outfits too can play a role in creating an illusion of height. This article lists seven comfortable outfits that are perfect for stretching and yoga, activities that can improve your posture and, consequently, make you look taller.

In the end, the right footwear and style can go a long way in enhancing your height. But remember, it’s your confidence that truly elevates you. So, put on your favorite pair of height-boosting shoes, stand tall, and stride with confidence.

The Power of Posture

One significant but often overlooked factor in perceived height is posture. A straight, well-aligned posture can make you appear taller and more confident. To maintain good posture, it’s crucial to exercise regularly and strengthen your core muscles. Activities like yoga and stretching can significantly improve your posture, making you look taller. For a more comprehensive guide, take a look at this piece on improving flexibility over 40. Remember, regardless of the footwear you choose, a slouched posture can compromise your appearance and rob you of a few precious inches.

Complementing Your Height-Boosting Shoes with the Right Outfits

While we’ve focused on footwear that enhances your height, it’s equally important to choose outfits that complement these shoes. Opt for clothes that give an illusion of a longer body. Vertical stripes, high-waist bottoms, and monochromatic dressing are just a few fashion strategies that can help. With the right combination of shoes and outfits, you’ll be strutting around confidently in no time.

Embrace Your Height

Lastly, remember that these tips are simply options to enhance your natural height, and it’s essential to embrace yourself as you are. It’s all about how you carry yourself. Confidence is the most attractive trait a person can have. With or without height-boosting shoes, stand tall and proud, and embrace your unique self.


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